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Apple Pie (Bake Ready)

Cherry Pie (Bake Ready)

Bumbleberry Pie (Bake Ready)

Bumbleberry Pie (Bake Ready)

Bumbleberry Pie (Bake Ready)

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Bake Ready)

Blueberry Pie (Bake Ready)

Peach Pie (Bake Ready)

Peanut Butter

Chocolate Silk (Thaw & Serve)

Pumpkin Pie (Thaw & Serve)

Pecan Pie (Thaw & Serve)

Cherry topped Cheesecake (Thaw & Serve)

Turtle Cheesecake (Thaw & Serve)

Your customers will choose from these delicious Homemade Pies!

Apple Pie (Bake ready)

Everyone’s favorite! This 10” pie is loaded with delicious “Granny Smith” Apples, spices and sweetness! All resting on a delicate, flakey lard crust and then topped with Carol’s scrumptious butter crumb topping. Butter makes everything better!

Cherry Pie (Bake ready)

The perfect blend of Montmorency Cherries, sugar and some Carol “secrets” are packed into the flakey lard crust and finished off with our scrumptious butter crumb topping.

Bumbleberry Pie (Bake ready)

This fruity goodness is loaded with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and apples. Our lard crust creates a perfect shell and it is topped with her butter crumb topping. This is another store favorite!

Key Lime Pie (Thaw & serve)

Plenty of pucker in this cool, refreshing pie!  One of our summer favorites with a twist of lime on top. Every bite tastes like the Caribbean!

Blueberry Cheesecake (Thaw & serve)

A popular choice for any occasion, full of rich creamy cheese on top of a graham crust with a scrumptious blueberry topping.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (Bake ready)

A perfect ratio of berries to rhubarb make this pie a favorite anytime. Its flakey lard crust and butter crumb topping, make it a very popular warm weather treat with a scoop of ice cream!

Blueberry Pie (Bake ready)

Bursting with flavor! That’s what blueberries do when they pop in your mouth with each bite of this pie. The delicate balance of our butter crumb topping sets it off as a great dessert offering.

Peach Pie (Bake ready)

Sweet, juicy peaches are plump in this favorite pie. And of course, it must have a lard crust and Carols’ butter crumb topping!

Peanut Butter Pie (Thaw & serve)

Light, fluffy, and creamy richness. All of you peanut butter lovers will surely appreciate a piece of this specialty pie. Filled into a graham crust, topped w/chocolate ganache, more peanut butter swirls and chocolate topping.

Chocolate Silk (Thaw & serve)

Why not? Just have a piece of this decadent, chocolate fluff topped with whipped topping and shaved chocolate on a graham crust. That’s all that needs to be said!

Pumpkin Pie (Thaw & Serve)

A seasonal favorite, but our special seasoning blend makes this robust flavored pie anything but traditional. Hints of clove and cinnamon will tickle
your nose before your first bite! Of course, that good ‘ole lard crust keeps
everyone raving too!

Pecan Pie (Thaw & serve)

Sweet? You bet! The freshness of the pecans can be tasted with each bite. These crunchy pieces are embedded in that sweet mixture that everyone enjoys. And, of course, it’s sitting in a flakey lard crust that makes a pie superb!

Cherry Cheesecake (Thaw & serve)

Fresh creaminess with a bit of a bite, topped with our specialty cherry blend.  Great choice for an afternoon dessert!

Turtle Cheesecake (Thaw & serve)

The most popular of the cheesecakes!  Rich creaminess topped with chocolate, caramel, and fresh pecans.  MMmmm!


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