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  • Cheese & Sausage Platter


    Great choice for small parties, gatherings, luncheons, or holidays!  It’s loaded up with Wisconsin cheddar, pepper jack, and Swiss cheeses, along with some of our award-winning garlic, original, cranberry-cheese, and jalapeno-cheese summer sausages.  It’s all sliced on the platter to serve 15-20 of your guests.  If you want a little flair, we can add some grapes to top it off!!

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  • Fruit Platter


    This fruit platter medley works great for parties, luncheons, or any gathering.  Serving 15-20, it features a variety of delicious, bite-sized, fruits that present a rainbow of colors on a decorated platter.  Fruits may include pineapple, grapes, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, strawberries, and more!  Although the fruits may change with availability, the quality does not!!

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  • Meat & Cheese Platter


    This popular party platter boasts with our very own Honey-cured  Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, and Roast Beef.  That’s right, all made in our store!!  It’s all sliced up, right along with some Wisconsin Swiss and Cheddar Cheeses and placed on decorated platter and ready for your guests!

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  • Sandwich Platter


    Having a party??  Our homemade, Turkey Breast, Honey-cured Ham, and Roast Beef stacked into house-baked assorted hoagie breads along with some Wisconsin cheese makes a PERFECT choice!  In case you missed it, we make all the meats and the bread in our store!  Available in 2 sizes, and we send a tray of lettuce, sliced tomatoes, and condiment packages to garnish off this delicious selection!

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  • Shrimp Platter


    A scrumptious, popular appetizer that goes great at any party and is especially favored for holidays!  Our shrimp platters feature “Baywinds” white shrimp.  These are the perfect eating size at 26-30 pieces per pound, and blend excellently with our custom cocktail sauce.  This is all provided on a serving platter that is decorated for the table!  How easy is that!! 

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  • Vegetable Platter


    Our crispy fresh vegetable platter is a great appetizer for parties, luncheons, or any gathering!  A nicely decorated tray, to serve 15-20 guests, loaded with a mixed assortment of celery, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, baby carrots, and bell  peppers.  And for those that “dip”, a healthy portion of ranch dressing!  Although the vegetable selections may change due to availability at the time of your order, rest assured the quality does not!!

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