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  • “Pit-Smoked” Pulled Pork (Heat & Serve)


    This Main Street Meat specialty is one our most popular choices.  It features our humanely-raised, premium pork butt(shoulder) rubbed with our own “magic dust” seasonings.  It is slowly smoked over oak, which blends with the pork and rub flavors to leave your taste buds dancing!  A light sauce is added to bring things all together just before we package it up and vacuum seal it.  It is then quickly frozen for your convenience.  All you need to do is place in pan, heat, and serve!!

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  • “Shaved” Beef Rib Roast “Prime Rib” (Heat & Serve)


    Another HUGE favorite Main Street Meat Specialty!!  Our expertise in “prime rib” roast and our “famous seasoning” blend are all put into this wonderful item.  It’s cooked perfectly and “shave sliced” to make a perfect “french dip” sandwich entree for your guests!  The 5 pounds of tender beef shavings are vacuum packaged and frozen to preserve all the awesome flavors.  And don’t worry, the au jus comes with it, separately packaged for your convenience.

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  • Amish Fresh Turkey


    Our Amish brand fresh turkeys have been a holiday favorite for many years.  These, all natural, free range turkeys have no added hormones, water or salt solution.  They are offered in size ranges from 8 to 28 lbs.  Better check your pan size for the big one!  We can help make the preparation easy by using our specialty rub and brine selections.  And if life is really busy, we can cook it too!

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  • Artisan Bone-In Ham


    This popular favorite is “honey-cured” in-house with our own special blend of seasonings, then slowly smoked until perfection is reached. This award-winning ham is sure to make your holiday extra special! Be prepared to please your family with one of the best hams you will ever have! This will surely be the pinnacle of traditional family gatherings for generations to come! Optional spiral slicing for ease of serving!

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  • Baked Corn Casserole


    This rich, creamy corn casserole is just like you remember growing up!

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  • Buttered Corn with Bacon



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  • Cheese & Sausage Platter


    Great choice for small parties, gatherings, luncheons, or holidays!  It’s loaded up with Wisconsin cheddar, pepper jack, and Swiss cheeses, along with some of our award-winning garlic, original, cranberry-cheese, and jalapeno-cheese summer sausages.  It’s all sliced on the platter to serve 15-20 of your guests.  If you want a little flair, we can add some grapes to top it off!!

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  • Cheesey Potatoes (Bake & Serve)


    This “locally famous” side entree’ is perfect anytime!  Works great for parties, dinner, holidays, and even breakfast!  Its loaded with shredded potatoes, cheese, and a bunch of goodies.  Super easy too!  Comes frozen, just pop the convenient foil pan into the oven for about an hour and it’s cheezey potato time!!

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