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  • Artisan Bone-In Ham


    This popular favorite is “honey-cured” in-house with our own special blend of seasonings, then slowly smoked until perfection is reached. This award-winning ham is sure to make your holiday extra special! Be prepared to please your family with one of the best hams you will ever have! This will surely be the pinnacle of traditional family gatherings for generations to come! Optional spiral slicing for ease of serving!

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  • Pork Crown Roast


    This holiday favorite is not only delicious, it decorates the table with appeal!  Our humanely-raised, premium pork loin is cut to order.  These eleven back ribs are tied into a circular “crown” to create an appealing dinner masterpiece.  In addition to the crown roast appeal, the bones enhance it’s flavor as well.  This is a feast for many!

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