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  • Amish Fresh Turkey


    Our Amish brand fresh turkeys have been a holiday favorite for many years.  These, all natural, free range turkeys have no added hormones, water or salt solution.  They are offered in size ranges from 8 to 28 lbs.  Better check your pan size for the big one!  We can help make the preparation easy by using our specialty rub and brine selections.  And if life is really busy, we can cook it too!

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  • Turkey Breast


    Another holiday favorite!  This tender turkey breast has no added hormones or antibiotics.  Customers love to use this as a second main entree’.  Choose from the tasty bone-in or boneless version, or try our “specialty”, a boneless breast filled with our stuffing mixture of sausage, sage stuffing, and cranberries.  There’s a real treat!!

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