Hickory Bacon


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The thick slices of this original flavor of our bacon will win you over the first time you smell it’s savory, sweet aroma when cooking!

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Our award-winning BACON is a bacon lovers’ dream! Premium, hand-selected pork bellies are sourced from farmers using humane handling techniques. Our pork bellies are hand-crafted and dry-rubbed with our special cure-blend of seasonings, then left to rest many days to achieve optimum curing and flavoring. The “master smoker” uses hickory hardwoods to craft a rich color and smoke aroma. These beautiful bacon slabs are then thick and evenly cut to enhance cooking uniformity. The smoky flavored slices are sealed into a vacuum package and frozen to preserve all of it goodness! Our bacon goes well with EVERY meal!!

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Weight 1 lbs

Pork,Dry Cured with: Salt, Cane, Brown and Maple Sugar (100% Maple Syrup), Sodium Nitrite, and less than 2% Glycerine (aint-caking agent)

Cook Method

Pan Fry, Microwave, Bake, Broil

Preparation Time

15 min.




16oz (8-10 slices)