We offer a full range of pet food for your pets’ needs, including Elk Antler Chews, Pig Ears, Raw Dog Bones, Variety of Dog Bones, such as Pork Femur, Knuckle Bone, etc.

Raw Pet Food
There are many benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet:
* no tartar buildup on dog’s teeth
(dry dog food causes this)
* fewer stools and less concentrated urine
(less burned stains in grass)
* dogs drink less water-dry dog food causes them to drink more and urinate more often

Sold in Two Varieties, 1# and 3# packages
Chicken and Veggies Pet Food
Butcher’s Blend Pet Food

Freeze dried Pet Treats
These treats maintain the full flavor and aroma and nutritional value of their all natural ingredient. They make a great tool for training and a treat!

Banquet Bird Seed
If you want bird seed, buy bird seed, if you want BIRDS, buy Banquet. Our proprietary blend, previously sold by Town and Country Feed, now exclusivley sold at Main Street Meat!